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What is PVSglobal?

PVSglobal is a travel visa service alliance providing comprehensive “one stop” access to an extensive global network of visa processing services. Developed to support multi-national corporations, airlines and Travel Management Companies, PVSglobal and its members provide the highest levels of support, dedicated local knowledge and know how utilizing the most state of the art technological infrastructure.

Founded by six of the global industry travel document leaders, ItsEasy Passport & Visa (US), Visa Swift (UK), Visa Services Canada (CA), Capital Link Services (AU), Consular Service Worldwide (CH) and Schamm’s (BR), PVSglobal oversees alliance members globally providing the highest levels of localized travel document support.

Through the development of innovative technological infrastructure, PVSglobal’s proprietary systems incorporate industry leading data security and a flexible global platform that is tailored to the local level with a client interface that is consistent, simple and efficient. By visiting the PVSglobal web site (www.pvsglobal.com), travelers can obtain travel document requirements and process visa applications in any country active on the system.

How Does PVSglobal work?

Travelers visit PVsglobal’s web site (www.pvsglobal.com) and are provided information based on their current location for obtaining travel documents. After placing an order through www.pvsglobal.com, the traveler sends their documents to the local member company who processes the request and returns the completed documents to the traveler.

Your Data Security is Important to Us

PVSglobal’s technical foundations were built from a security standpoint up. Based in Luxembourg, PVSglobal’s web services servers are based in countries with strong data rights protecting data from local or foreign government intrusion. The machines are controlled access and feature redundant back up power, connectivity and servers ensuing virtually zero downtime. All servers sit behind Cisco Sec+ firewalls, PCI DSS 2.0 compliant coding monitored 24/7/365 by Alert Logic Threat Manager and Alert Logic Log Manager with Log Review. All payment data is encrypted and stored on Authorize.net PCI DSS compliant servers. Furthermore, your personal information is only available to the PVSglobal member employees who require access in order to provide relevant services to the client. These employees are obliged to conform to our Privacy Policy and maintain strict confidentiality at all times.

These measures are continually reviewed to ensure they meet the standards of our Privacy Policy.