Frequently Asked Questions

Working with PVSglobal

How long will it take PVSglobal to process my travel visa or passport?
Processing times for visas and passports are approximate and based on processing times provided by the issuing embassy or government agency under normal circumstances as well as historical data which may conflict with stated processing times. Processing time should be calculated starting when documents are received by PVSglobal. PVSglobal cannot guarantee when your visa or passport will be returned to you. The release of your visa or passport by the issuing agency is at their discretion, but PVSglobal does its best to ensure your order is processed in time and without delay.

Do I have to send PVSglobal my physical passport to get a travel visa?
Yes, with very limited exceptions, visas require the passport to be physically submitted. The visa itself will be stamped or applied to a visa page in the physical passport book.

What’s the easiest way to check the status of my order?
Please see the Status Check page on the PVSglobal website. You may also contact a PVSglobal customer service agent at (email or call 1-800-975-2986.

How can I get a copy of an invoice for my expense report?
Please use the Status Check option found on the PVSglobal website. You can view, print or download a copy of you invoice. You may also contact a PVSglobal customer service agent at (email or call 1-800-975-2986.

How are fees calculated?
Fees vary based on the services requested and how quickly the services need to be completed. In General, fees are comprised of PVSglobal’s service fee, consular and government agency fees, delivery fees and any specialty service that is ordered.

What forms of payment does PVSglobal accept?
Payment options can vary from country to country, however most major credit cards are accepted in each market.

Travel Visas

What is a travel visa?
A visa is a document or stamp showing that a person is conditionally authorized to enter or leave the territory for which it was issued, subject to permission of an immigration official at the time of actual entry or exit. It is your responsibility to determine if a travel visa is required for travel to your planned destination.

Can I obtain a visa on arrival?
Certain countries allow visas to be obtained by particular nationalities upon arrival into that country and some countries only issue a visa on arrival. Whenever possible, it is recommended to obtain a visa in advance of travel to avoid possible delays and complications that may occur when obtaining a visa on arrival.

What is consular jurisdiction, and does it affect my visa?
Consular jurisdiction refers to a particular geographical area for which a certain embassy or consulate must issue visas. This means, based on the specific part of a country in which the applicant resides, the visa will be processed through a particular embassy or consulate. It is possible for a counties embassy or consulates to have varying requirements from one jurisdiction to another.

Do the pages in the back of my passport qualify as visa pages?
For most many nationalities, the pages in the back of a passport are used for Amendments and Endorsements made by thepassport holders government, and foreign embassies or consulates will not place visas on pages marked as such. Pages available for visa issuance by foreign countries say “Visa” on the top of each page.

I need a visa but I’m a foreign national, can you assist?
If you are a foreign national who legally resides in country other than their nationality as either a Resident Alien or valid long term visa holder, we may be able to assist with travel that requires a visa.

What is a Schengen visa?
The Schengen Borders Agreement permits people to travel freely within the Schengen area (consisting of 26 European countries – see list below). Traveling on a Schengen Visa means that the visa holder can travel to any member countries using one single visa. This is particularly beneficial for persons who wish to visit several Schengen countries on the same trip. Visas must be applied forthrough the first Schengen country of entry, if multiple Schengen countries are being visited on a single trip then the country of longest stay may be applied to in certain circumstances. Schengen countries include:

Czech Republic
The Netherlands
Does PVSglobal guarantee that I will get my visa?
We do not guarantee that a visa will be issued by the embassy or consulate. While it does not happen frequently, any embassy or consulate can decide not to issue a visa at any time and for any reason.


What is a Passport Book?
A passport is a government-issued travel document that certifies the identity and nationality of its holder for the purpose of international travel. The elements of identity contained in all standardized passports include information about the holder, including name, date of birth, gender and place of birth.

Do I need a passport?
With limited exceptions, most citizens require a passport to exit and enter all other countries in the world.

How many blank visa pages do I need to travel?
Some countries require your passport have two (2) to four (4) blank visa pages. Some airlines will not allow you to board if this requirement in not met. The actual number of pages required for a specific journey can be calculated using the PVSglobal Trip Builder.

When can I renew my passport?
Passports are eligible for renewal within one year of expiration. It is best to renew a passport early in its last year of validity and prior to it having six months validity remaining.

How long must my passport be valid for international travel?
Most countries require that a passport be valid for at least six months beyond your intended departure date from the country. If your passport expires sooner than that, you may need to apply to renew your passport.

Does my child need a passport to travel internationally?
Yes, generally speaking and with very limited exceptions, all nationals, regardless of age, require passports for international travel.

Will the passport agency return my passport when I apply for a renewal?
Yes, as long as the passport is deemed to be in good condition, the passport agency will cancel the existing passport and return it along with the newly issued passport.


How do I know if immunizations are required for my trip?
Often times, certain immunizations will be recommended for travel to particular countries, but will not be required for issuance of a visa. For an up to date list of recommended immunizations visit the CDC's website. (