Travel Management Companies

Client Solution

PVSglobal several advantages tailored for specific client types. Please see the sections below for further details.

Travel Management Companies

PVSglobal offers a scalable agency’s program for Travel Management Companies (TMC’s) including global service support, unmatched reporting capabilities, strong pricing and rebate programs and PVSglobal’s proprietary PNRverify program which automates travel document requirement notifications in conjunction with international bookings. By utilizing a simple a secure propriety openAPI, participating TMC’s securely submit the PNR data to PVSglobal’s PNRverify OpenAPI which verifies travel documents required for the trip and emails the traveler with travel document requirements and, if needed, information on how to obtain required documents through PVSglobal’s worldwide travel document services. For more information, please contact


PVSglobal offers Corporate Clients the highest levels of service with the largest global travel document processing footprint in the world. PVSglobal provides a single vendor interface for worldwide service allowing corporations and Travel Managers to focus on other tasks. With industry leading reporting, including customized data point captures such as Department Code or Cost Center (or other data points the clients wishes to obtain), PVSglobal can provide a clear and concise overview of services and expenses. PVSglobal will also be offering direct integration with leading expense management companies reducing the workload on managers and employees. For more information, please contact