PVSglobal is the global passport and visa services alliance that provides the corporate travel industry a comprehensive, worldwide answer for obtaining international travel documents. PVSglobal (Passport, Visa, Services, Global) leverages our members' comprehensive experience as best-in-class providers in their respective countries, offering unmatched service by truly dedicated and vested local people utilizing PVSglobal's innovative technological infrastructure. Designed from the ground up, our proprietary technology incorporates industry-leading data security, reporting capabilities and a flexible global platform that is tailored to the local level with a client interface that is consistent, dynamic, simple and efficient.

PVSglobal's introduction began in the United States in Q4 of 2013. Services for Canada, Ireland and the United Kingdom begin early 2014 with additional releases in Australia, New Zealand, Brazil Switzerland, Hong Kong, Singapore & India with Mexico, Russia, South Africa, UAE and additional European countries coming on line in the later part of 2013, encompassing coverage in more than 30 countries on the PVSglobal system.


PNRverify is PVSglobal's simple and secure openAPI tool that any online booking tool, travel management company or GDS can utilize to provide travelers with instant international travel document verification. At the time of booking, a PNR (Passenger Name Record) is created which contains traveler and trip data. Participating organizations securely submit the PNR data to PVSglobal's PNRverify API which verifies travel document requirements for the trip and emails the traveler(s) with requirements listings and, if needed, information on how to obtain required documents through PVSglobal's worldwide travel document services.

Unlike basic "visa widgets" or "app plug-ins", PNRverify is a fundamental part of PVSglobal's system capable of verifying passport validity to the day, visa requirements to the hour and transit options to the minute. PNRverify is also not simply an email alert tool, it follows the traveler throughout the process with reminder emails as the trip nears and provides details back to the agency or corporate account with it reporting tools ensuring compliance. PNRverify will also alert travelers to items such as passport validity requirements for entry, common informational requests by immigration agents (such as support letters, copies of contracts or electronic pre-registrations) and fees which must be paid upon entry or departure.

As an optional service, PNRverify can also cross references known visas associated with the traveler's passport in order to indicate if a new visa is required or a previously issued visa is still valid.